20+ Shaggy Short Haircuts

April 29, 2017

Modern shaggy haircuts add your look a stylish edgy twist moving your hairstyles to the next level. That why we’ve gathered 20+ Shaggy Short Haircuts for inspiration. These days short hairstyles need to be shaggy to be seen as stylish and modern. The best thing is they make you look younger and can be styled for any occasion. The shag works on nearly every hair texture and in every hair length. You should be careful with the shaggy short haircuts because a hairstyle with too many layers can look dated.

Shag haircuts for fine hair boost volume, and curly shag haircuts are great to settle tenacious frizz. Fine hair cut into shaggy layers is much easier to volumize and you can create a lovely look with curls that frame your face to really bring out your eye color! Of course, lots of women are afraid to step out the box, by trying on one of these fun styles, but the thing is, life is too short for being afraid of cutting your hair, that’s why you should give it a try. Now check our gallery of gorgeous short shaggy haircuts for inspiration!

1. Short Shag Haircut

Fashion colors with Long Hair - Half ponytail

2. Short Shaggy Haircut

Loose Braid with Low Ponytail - Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

3. Short Shaggy Hair

Shaggy Short Haircuts-15

4. Shaggy Short Hair Cut

Shaggy Short Haircuts-6

5. Shaggy Short Hairstyle

Shaggy Short Haircuts-7


Layered Bronde Waves with Purple Ombre-ed Ends - V Haircut for Long Hair


Shaggy Short Haircuts-13


Shaggy Short Haircuts-10


Short Shag Haircuts


Curled and Straight Hair for Long Hair - Purple Ombre Ideas


Shaggy Short Hair


Pretty Hair Color - Ombre Balayage Hairstyles with Long Hair


Shaggy Short Haircuts-18


Short Shaggy Hair


Short Shaggy Haircuts


Under Lights - Purple Ombre Hair - Curled Long Hair


Purple Ombre Hairstyle with Layered Long Hair - Ombre Balayage Hairstyles


Lob Haircut with Tick Hair - Trendy Hair Color Designs for women and Girs!


Layerd, Wavy Hairstyles for Thcik Long Hair - Ombre Balayage Hairstyles with Long Hair


Shaggy Short Haircuts-11


Shaggy Short Haircuts


Shaggy Short Haircuts-9

Purple hair is undoubtedly one of the hottest hair trends right now, but hey, so is Ombre! Combine the two and you have an incredibly stylish ‘do you can wear all year round. Here you’ll find an amazing compilation of purple Ombre from dark to light and everything in between.

Chunky Platinum and Lavender

Purple Ombre Hair Style for Short Hair - Stylish Short Hairstyle Ideas

Sensationally bright and perky, this lovely Ombre combines the striking hue of platinum blonde with pastel lavender ends that are extremely dainty and fun. The chunky colors are bold, but given femininity with a touch of wavy texture.

Gray and Light Purle Pixie

Light Lavender - Ombre Hairstyle with Medium Wavy Hair

We all know how popular pixie haircuts are, and this lengthy pixie is all the rage. The lengthy strands ensures you can easily style- even if it’s just a touch of texture like you see here. But what really makes this pixie pop is the gorgeous blend of gray and purples, two of the trendiest colors for 2016.

Dirty Blonde and Deep Purple/Pink

Light Blonde to Purple Ombre

Natural blondes typically love to showcase their beautiful golden hues, but that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from pops of color. Adding hints of deep purple and hot pink to the end of your tresses is an awesome way to perk up your look with trendy colors without losing sight of the natural blonde hues above.

Icy Blonde and Purple

Shaggy Short Haircuts-17

The darker shades of both blonde and purple come together in a subtle and dainty way, making this purple Ombre hair color a wonderful choice for younger girls who want to keep things delicate while still enjoying colors.

Ultra Dark Purple

Under Lights - Purple Ombre Hair - 1 Minute Hair

Deep, sultry purples are an excellent choice when you’re seeking contrast to your platinum blonde mane. The contrast is downright stunning and adds some sexy dimension to the overall style. Looks extra delightful with some loose, feminine waves.

Electric Purple Ombre

Balayage Ombre Lob Haircut - Light Lavender Hair

Match your electric personality with his electric purple hair! A warmer tone sits up top while vibrant shades of purple down below light up the night. Shocking- but in the best way possible.

Purpley-Pink Ombré

Stylish Hair Color with Shoulderr Length Hair - Ash Blonde and Dark Purple Ombre Hair

With long hair like this, one-colored locks can be a bit of a drag. We love how she lightens and brightens and adds some serious attitude to her locks by mixing in some purples and pinks at the ends. A gorgeous way to switch up monotonous long black locks!

Brown and Purple

Shaggy Short Haircuts-12

We are in love with the unique shade of purple she chooses for her purple Ombre hair. The deep purple shade plays off of her mousy brown locks beautifully and those waves provide a delicate appeal that’s perfect for the office or a first date .

White and Lavender

Elevated Short Bob Haircut - Gorgeous Purple Ombre Design - Straight Lob Hair Style

This fairylike styles  features a gorgeous combination of white and dainty lavender.  The two lighter shades provide A feminine look that also brightens her overall complexion.  Leaving just a smidgen of her dark roots hanging out to play, it’s a color mixture that’s both youthful and full of contrast.

Platinum and Neon Purple

Shaggy Short Haircuts-21

Ready to light up the night with your hair color?  You are sure to have all eyes on you with this exotic and eclectic color combo. Her lengthy slicked down locks look magnificent and striking with a platinum upper half and neon purple lower half. Love this purple Ombre hair!

Black and Purple-Gray

Shaggy Short Haircuts-14

Needless to say, we are in love with this super feminine and cutesy ‘do! Double braids in the back showcase the intertwining shades of black and purple majestically, while the rest of her locks are left loose to show off that unique blend of purple and gray- a super fashionable blend that goes really well with dark hair.

Platinum and Dark Purple

Purple Ombre with Straight Long Hair

Earlier we saw a completely awesome platinum and neon purple mix,  but if you prefer a darker shade of purple this style is for you.  Her Platnum loaks are contrasted wonderfully by this dark purple shade and with some luxurious ringlets it’s a hairstyle that just won’t quit!  Tie in some hot pink to the mix to really set your hair apart from the crowd.

Purple Underlights

Shaggy Short Haircuts-19

This particular hairstyle breaks free from the omore mold where typically you would see two distinct colors side-by-side,  but there’s nothing wrong with that!  These bright purple under lights are playful and vibrant,  peeking out majestically from a platinum base.

Gray and Purple

Shaggy Short Haircuts-8

Gray and purple = the perfect shade for the sultry lady. This gorgeous shade cascades beautifully within bold, voluminous waves for a gothicy look that’s downright flawless.

Lilac Unicorn

Gray to Purple Ombre Hair - Thick Hairstyles for Long Hair

What, you’ve never dreamed of being a unicorn? Yeah right! It’s every girls dream come true, all wrapped up into a perky and vibrant Ombre of light lavender and platinum ends. Looks extra lovely on lengthy locks volumized with delightful waves.

Mermaid Shade

Shaggy Short Haircuts-20

Being a real life mermaid is simpler than you think: start off with beautiful hair of a longer length. Add in some striking, mystic shades, one of our personal favorites shown here with an enticing bright turquoise, shocking neon purple, and platinum blonde ends. Finish off with some glorious ringlets to wrap up this incredibly feminine yet breathtaking look.

Gray and Dim Lavender

Shaggy Short Haircuts-16

If you prefer a less dramatic head of hair, then consider this soft yet stunning blend. Gray and purple are both incredibly trendy for this year, so combine the two for a very high-style finish. Just make sure to use a dim lavender tone to keep things subtle.

Dark Grey and Purple

Easy, Straight Lob Hair Styles - Ombre Hairstyle Ideas for Short, Medium Hair

Want to make more of an impact with grays and purples? Then choose deep, warmer shades of both to create a mysterious and sexy finish that is also very fashionable for 2016.

Purple Paradise

Shaggy Short Haircuts-22

Purples of all shades and hues combine in this awesome, stunning pixie for a look that’s truly eye-catching. For girls out there who love purple and love a punk-rock appearance, there’s no better way to do it than like this.

Brown and Gray/Purple

Brown Purple Ombré

There’s a lot of colors going on here – pophaircuts.com, from dark chocolate brown roots to light lavender tips with hints of gray throughout. The color quad is exciting and brilliant, yet subtle enough to remain ultra-feminine. Let those colors collide gorgeously by adding some tousled loose curls to your mane.

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